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【豪華スピーカー19名、プログラム内容決定!】Japan Tech Leaders Summit 2018 Spring

グローバルのマッチングイベント「Japan Tech Leaders Summit 2018 Spring」のスピーカーが決定しました!!プログラム内容と共にお伝えします(当イベントは英語にて進行)


4/6 Fri
1. 13:40-14:20
Roundtable Discussion: Industry 5.0—The Next 10 Years in Innovation
• Takayuki Sumita, Secretary-General, Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters, Cabinet Office of Japan

2. 14:20-15:00
The Future of Workplace Automation Businesses
• Tomomichi Takahashi, CEO, RPA Holdings
• Stephen Mackintosh, Chief Revenue Officer, Re:Infer
• Koichi Harada, Consultant, addlight
• Anthony DeCostanza, Research Scientist, Ascent Robotics

3. 15:00-15:40
The Industry 5.0 Consumer’s World
• Masa Fukata, Director, Game Changer Catapult, Appliances Company, Panasonic
• Takashi Sonoda, CEO, UHURU
• Kenichi Hattori, Managing Director, INCJ & Director, Renesas Systems

4. 16:00-16:40
The Future of Retail Automation
• Hiroshi Ishiguro, Director, Intelligent Robotics Laboratory, Osaka University
• Mori Masaya, Executive Officer, Rakuten / Global Head, Rakuten Institute of Technology Worldwide
• Kevin Takaoka, CEO, USideU

5. 16:40-17:10
How Blockchain Brings Disruption to Existing Business Models and Vertical Industries
• Masanori Kusunoki, CTO, Japan Digital Design
• Tomohiro Maruyama, Manager, System Engineering Headquarters Blockchain Team, NTT Data
• Cyrus Khajvandi, CTO, Cyprus

6. 17:10-17:40
Can mainstream cryptocurrency use evolve beyond speculation? 3 players bringing meaningful coins to the masses
• Claude Eguienta, CEO, Telcoin
• Peter Park, Blockchain Group, LINE
• Tatsuto Fujii, Open Innovation Leader, MUFG

7. 17:40-18:20
Innovative Startups: Technologies Emerging from Europe and Why You Should Care
• Mark Bivens, Venture Partner, Truffle Venture Capital
• Takashi Kono, Deputy Director on Information Economy, Japan Ministry of Trade, Economy, and Industry